Light transmitting panels by Mykon

Light transmitting panels

Light is vital for humans in order to live a healthy life. As a company, Mykon knows the benefits of light and the philosophy behind our designs and manufacturing process is to create unique and aspirational surface solutions inspired by the beauty of natural light. This led to the development of B-Clear, a range of light transmitting panels, designed to maximise its usage and illuminate a room beautifully. The product has a 78% light transmittance value due to its aluminium “fisheye” centre which absorbs light and diffuses it.

The benefits of light are almost endless – it plays an essential role in everyday behaviours, such as  our moods. Different types of light affect this in different ways. A lack of light can leave us feeling in a low mood , and increase chances of suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Getting enough light can prevent these sad moods. In fact, even artificial white light with a 10,000-lux rating, can be influential in keeping a positive mood if sunlight isn’t attainable. Having a good intake of natural light is also an excellent way of boosting vitamin D. Mykon’s light transmitting panels provide a versatile alternative to architectural sandwich panels and do not form a barrier to light

B-Clear the Series is another Mykon product excellent for illuminating rooms with light. It is similar to B-Clear, with the difference being that it allows a more translucent effect by absorbing and diffusing light, but then projecting it onto a wall, ceiling or floor. B-Clear the series can also be produced in different colours. The effect is similar to that of a stained-glass window, which gives it more architectural properties, rather than solely being a light transmitting panel.

Mykon light transmitting panels are also excellent at creating light in spaces where it is limited or supressed. An excellent example of this is when Mykon was involved with the Light House. The challenge was to bring natural light to the lower levels of the house, without having an aesthetic that was too industrial. B-Clear was used for the stairs and walkways in the house because it is translucent and produced interesting shadows when illuminated, as well as having a modern and clean design. Similarly, B-Clear was used in the Zero Carbon House as a floor in order to illuminate the previously dark space under the staircase

Mykon panels are also ideal for privacy. Light passes through the panel but the product remains translucent. The panel’s design means the holes that transmit light are the perfect size to diffuse it into a room, but small enough that people cannot view through them.

Mykon panels work well in flooring when used with backlighting or underlighting, as they can create a perfect mood for a room. This is a great use of the product, as it has been found warm lights make for a relaxing and comforting environment. Lights are perfect for creating atmosphere as they dictate the ambiance of an area.

The Mykon team are always available to discuss new and exciting projects so be sure to get in touch to speak to us directly. Alternatively, you can find out more about the variety of applications we offer on our website here. View the full range of available products here.