Decorative Glass Panels

B-Glow provides the perfect mood enhancement for any room.

The creation of our decorative glass panels, B-Glow was inspired by the popularity of B-Clear, Mykon’s signature aluminium honeycomb core panel. Featuring integrated LEDs, B-Glow decorative glass panels are truly an innovative addition to our standard range.

As with B-Clear, our B-Glow range is characterised by its ability to combine inherent beauty with practical benefit. These panels create and diffuse light from dawn until dusk, transforming and bringing to life any environment. LED light is distributed evenly through the whole panel, thanks to advanced laser 3D v-cut fine lines applied to one side of the panel.

Decorative glass panels - B-Glow blue cells
Decorative glass panels - B-Glow purple cells

With the LEDs available in 3 options (warm white, cool white and colour change RGB), the panels metamorphose into an exciting feature wall for parties and entertaining at home, exhibitions, leisure and retail applications.

The spectacular visual appearance of these panels makes them great for the hospitality industry, including bars, restaurants and hotels applied in partitions, feature walls and screens. B-Glow is available in a choice of panel colours and can be made to your specific requirements.

B-Glow is also available as a 40mm (overall) thick structural panel with 6mm toughened glass skins (complete with structural & fire test certificates), meaning it can be used to create a brightly lit or colour changing floor suitable in any building. Occasionally production will recommend 50mm overall with 8mm glass for floors without certification. 

The panels come complete with a remote control that allows you to set the colour, brightness or fade of a room; creating an environment to suit your mood.

B-Glow Specifications


Standard (21mm-100mm on request)
40mm (structural)



2500mm max

1250mm max


Glass, polycarbonate or acrylic composite panel with an aluminium honeycomb core with integrated LEDs

UV light stable adhesive


Slip resistant finish

LEDs available in 3 options: warm white, cool white and RGB (multi coloured)

Fire Rating

Polycarbonate – Class 2 Fire Rating





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