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Flooring ideas & inspiration: Mykon’s guide to composite flooring materials

Looking for flooring ideas for your next project? Mykon provides a variety of architectural flooring panels to add a unique look to both outdoor and indoor spaces. These beautiful high-performance panels are scratch resistant, easy to clean and highly resistant to deflection. Surfaces can either be sandblasted or made non-slip for safety. Underlighting or backlighting .....Read More

Bespoke furniture design ideas

Looking for bespoke furniture design ideas? Mykon’s decorative composite panels are ideal for bespoke furniture applications. Available in a range of colours and styles, our panels can be used to update or create unique and custom-made pieces of furniture for your home or office. The panels are suitable for drawers, cupboard doors, chairs or tables. .....Read More

Composite worktops for domestic and commercial use

Composite worktops by Mykon are perfectly suited for domestic and commercial use. Available in a wide variety of colours, finishes and shapes, their unique honeycomb ‘fish-eye’ or pressed aluminium centres help to create a memorable environment. Mykon’s panels can be used for different types of work surfaces/worktops. Applications such as bars, shop counters, dining tables .....Read More

Aluminium honeycomb core in Mykon composite panels

Mykon’s composite panels are manufactured by bonding aluminium honeycomb core in between two skins – typically glass or polycarbonate. Aluminium honeycomb is highly desirable due to its incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio. The core used in Mykon’s panels is manufactured by our sister company, Corex Honeycomb from our Cambridgeshire, UK headquarters. Our aluminium honeycomb, which is .....Read More

Why interior design panels could be the ideal material for your next project

Interior design panels manufactured by Mykon are strong, lightweight and unique, making them the preferred material for interior design and architecture projects. 8 reasons why our B-Clear range would make the perfect addition to your next project: 1. Bespoke design and product options Everything we make is bespoke – we work directly with you to .....Read More

30 years of innovation event

On Friday 27th April 2018, we held an event with our parent company, Encocam Ltd, to celebrate 30 years of innovation and success. The special celebratory event took place in Cambridgeshire, UK where attendees were able to listen to talks from industry leaders focusing on innovation with global trade and operations. Attendees had the opportunity to .....Read More