Garden furniture and outdoor flooring made with composite panels

A quick way to revamp your outdoor living space without committing to a full renovation is to invest in some new garden furniture and outdoor flooring. Research from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has highlighted how important outside space will be to buyers post-pandemic. ‘‘Unsurprisingly, 81% of respondents across the UK said that .....Read More

Transparent vs opaque composite panels: what is the difference?

When trying to decide between transparent vs opaque composite panels it is important to consider what effect would be better suited for your interior design or architectural application. Transparent materials allow light, and the shape of the object, to pass through, while opaque materials restrict the light. Opaque or frosted panels are ideal for applications .....Read More

Retail display stands & shop fittings by Mykon

Retail display stands and shop fittings are used in physical retail spaces to present or promote an offer to consumers. Mykon’s decorative composite panels provide a functional and visually appealing solution to showcase products and offerings to potential buyers. Utilising the exceptionally high strength to weight ratio of our manufactured aluminium honeycomb core and encasing .....Read More

Kitchen and bathroom splashbacks designed using Mykon’s decorative composite panels

Kitchen and bathroom splashbacks designed using Mykon’s composite panels provide the perfect way to combine style and functionality in your home. Installing a new splashback is a great idea if you are looking to update your kitchen or bathroom without committing to a full refurbishment project. Splashbacks can prevent dirt from damaging wallpaper and getting .....Read More

Transparent honeycomb panels for interior and architectural applications

Transparent honeycomb panels made by Mykon let natural light reach inner parts of a building without sacrificing privacy. The B-Clear panel range in particular has a 78% light transmittance value to create a welcoming and well-lit environment. The made to order panels are manufactured by placing aluminium honeycomb core between toughened glass or polycarbonate skins .....Read More

Translucent flooring panels by Mykon

Translucent flooring panels manufactured by Mykon are suitable for both outdoor and indoor spaces. The unique fish-eye effect of Mykon’s B-Clear aluminium honeycomb panels is achieved by bonding aluminium honeycomb core in between toughened glass skins. The B-Clear panel range has a 78% light transmittance value, achieved through the distinctive hexagonal centre capturing and diffusing .....Read More

Protective desk screens for workspace environments

Protective desk screens have become a key addition to workspace environments during the current pandemic. Mykon’s screens provide a robust solution to protect employees, separating workspaces and helping to intercept the respiratory droplets thought to transmit the virus, while still allowing visual contact to be maintained. The screens are lightweight but strong and can be .....Read More