Decorative sandwich panels and how they can be used in university environments

Decorative sandwich panels by Mykon

Decorative sandwich panels by Mykon can be used to create a unique and aspirational environment for university students to study in.

University facilities play a crucial role in student life. They can alter the study environment and have a great impact on the mental growth, behaviour, learning and engagement of the students. Thus, it is highly important for universities to ensure students are studying in a unique and aspirational environment.

Mykon’s decorative sandwich panels are inspired by the beauty of natural light and come in a range of different dimensions, finishes, and colours. The transmittance of light varies. For instance, the B-Clear and B-Clear ‘The Series’ range have a 78% light transmission rate. In this case, customers can decide how much light they wish to let in, which is perfectly suited for university applications.

Imperial College London Central Library Think Tanks using Mykon's Decorative sandwich panels University of Leicester's IV Cafe using Mykon's decorative sandwich panels

B-Clear panels:

Our B-Clear panels have previously been used in the IV Café, MSB Building at the University of Leicester and the Think Tanks at the Imperial College London Central Library. The panels have a distinctive and unique ‘fish-eye’ effect. In addition, their high light transmission and reflection rates make even a small space seem bigger and brighter.

Mykon’s B-Clear panel constructs a comfortable and delightful environment for students who want to have a relaxed surrounding to enjoy coffee and chat with friends at the University of Leicester.

At the Imperial College London Central Library, the semi-closed Think Tanks allow students to concentrate on their studies without being disturbed by others. The B-clear panel provides enough privacy for students and allows enough natural light to come through.

University of Manchester's Academy 2 Bar using Mykon's composite panels

B-Clear ‘The Series’ panels:

B-Clear ‘The Series’ offers a more translucent effect and is inspired by B-Clear. This type of panel is available in various colour finishes. The bar in the Student Union of the University of Manchester adapts Mykon B-Clear ‘The Series’. Using purple, the main colour of the University of Manchester, B-Clear ‘The Series’ creates a hazy and cosy atmosphere for students to enjoy events organized by the Student Union at Academy 2.

Other applications:

Aside from partitions, Mykon’s decorative sandwich panels can also be used for structural applications, which include furniture, doors, flooring, walkways, and staircases. Our panels can be manufactured in different sizes and shapes according to customer requirements.

The Mykon team are always happy to discuss new projects so be sure to get in touch to speak to us directly. Alternatively, you can find out more about the range of products we offer on our website here or via our Instagram.