Bespoke furniture design ideas

Bespoke Furniture Design Ideas

Looking for bespoke furniture design ideas? Mykon’s decorative composite panels are ideal for bespoke furniture applications.

Available in a range of colours and styles, our panels can be used to update or create unique and custom-made pieces of furniture for your home or office. The panels are suitable for drawers, cupboard doors, chairs or tables. They can even be used to create shelves for a bookcase or storage unit.

Mykon furniture connects durability with beautiful optical effects for practicality and sophistication. The honeycomb design diffuses and reflects light to add interest to any room. Different shapes, sizes and colours can be accommodated to match the decoration in your home or office due to the wide variety of glass and polycarbonate skins available.

Bespoke furniture design - Mykon front desk
Bespoke furniture design - Lightchalk bath by Mykon

Bespoke Furniture Design Application Ideas:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Work surfaces
  • Cabinet doors
  • Wardrobes
  • Display & storage units
  • Shelves

Outdoor Use

Mykon panels can also be used for garden furniture. We particularly recommend our B-Clear ‘The Series’ panels which provide an eye-catching effect in natural daylight; perfect for stunning alfresco dining sets.

Hotel Felicien, Paris - Mykon and Olivier Lapidus Bath
Mykon - The Blade Table
University of Leicester - IV Cafe


  • Toughened glass skins
  • Aluminium honeycomb core or pressed aluminium sheet
  • UV stable bonding adhesive

Optional Extras

  • Aluminium, clear or coloured edging available

Product Selector

Mykon’s bespoke furniture applications can be manufactured using the products below:

Project Focus: Aquamass

Aquamass design and create stunning baths with a focus on modern living. In 2012, Aquamass partnered with the famous designer Olivier Lapidus to launch a new range for the company; the ‘Black Tears Collection’. With a focus on fashion through the decades, Mykon panels were selected to represent the current era: that of technology.

To create the desired translucent effect, we recommended the use of our Crystal Glaze product. Consisting of aluminium core sandwiched between two acrylic surfaces, one of which was frosted, Crystal Glaze obscured the plumbing but still allowed the outline of the bath to be seen when mood lighting was utilised. The honeycomb was painted bold black as requested by the client.

The Mykon team are always on hand to discuss new and exciting bespoke furniture design ideas so be sure to get in touch to speak to us directly. Alternatively, you can find out more about the variety of applications we offer on our website here.