Flooring ideas & inspiration: Mykon’s guide to composite flooring materials

Flooring ideas and inspiration by Mykon

Looking for flooring ideas for your next project? Mykon provides a variety of architectural flooring panels to add a unique look to both outdoor and indoor spaces.

These beautiful high-performance panels are scratch resistant, easy to clean and highly resistant to deflection. Surfaces can either be sandblasted or made non-slip for safety. Underlighting or backlighting can also be applied to create different moods.

The composite structure of the panels means that they are lighter than ordinary glass panels of a similar size – and they also require less installation materials and framing requirements than sheet glass. A suitable supporting structure is required for all flooring panels. Mykon’s technical team can provide advice or assistance on new designs or existing structures.

Mykon’s guide to composite flooring materials
Flooring ideas by Mykon
Flooring ideas and inspo from Mykon
Flooring material ideas by Mykon


A beautiful floor has the power to lift a room. Mykon floor panels can help boost a building’s eco credentials by letting in additional daylight. When the panels are used for applications such as landings, mezzanines or staircases, customers can open up previously dark spaces beneath them and reduce the need for electric lighting.


  • Toughened glass skins
  • Aluminium honeycomb core or pressed aluminium sheet
  • UV stable bonding adhesive
  • Protective aluminium edging

Optional Extras

  • Slip-resistant finish
  • Under-floor / mood lighting

Product Selector

Mykon’s flooring panels can be manufactured using the products below:

Project Focus: Priory of the Assumption

The Priory of the Assumption is an early 20th Century building attached to Bethnal Green R.C. Parish Church. The customer wanted to make better use of available space and create some larger rooms, including a private chapel, a common room and a kitchen.

These rooms needed to be linked to an existing staircase and a new wheelchair lift on ground level. The customer was also keen to have a new entrance lobby serving the priory.

Working with Jonathan Freegard Architects, Mykon B-Clear panels were selected for the landing and stair treads as an alternative to laminated solid glass, thus reducing the structure and allowing larger spans.

The Mykon team are always on hand to discuss new and exciting flooring ideas so be sure to get in touch to speak to us directly. Alternatively, you can find out more about the variety of applications we offer on our website here.