Mykon’s new partnership with colab digital material library

Sustainable design

Colab is the first purpose-built physical and digital material library in the UAE. The library aims to elevate design across the region by offering a platform to showcase the latest materials and design trends from across the globe whilst highlighting excellence in regional design.

Mykon are pleased to have been invited to share our products in Colab’s physical venue and on their digital platform.

At Mykon we make use of the exceptionally high strength to weight ratio of our manufactured aluminium honeycomb core and encase it between outer skins of polycarbonate or glass, creating visually stunning hand-crafted panels which diffuse and reflect light into a room or space.

The focus is on producing panels for architecture and interior design, following the philosophy of creating unique and aspirational surface solutions, inspired by the beauty of natural light. The Mykon team believe that light is the most versatile resource available to architects and interior designers, which is why the panels are engineered to have a 78% light transmittance value.

The range is made up of B-Clear, B-Clear The Series, B-Glow, Crystal Glaze, Chilida, Mykalite and Pressload. Mykon also offer transparent and opaque solutions using different coloured skins and cores. This means we can provide an almost limitless amount of eye-catching designs. Additional properties of Mykon panels include lower energy requirements, fire resistance and they can be provided with a range of core sizes, some of which will be displayed at Colab., the online platform for Colab, is a global digital material library designed exclusively for interior designers, architects, contractors, manufacturers and other design professionals. Their aim is  to provide users with an opportunity to learn about materials and their applications and encourage them to contact suppliers directly. plans to host over 1,000 materials from all across the globe, and to inspire the design and build community by expanding their material palette and highlighting ways in which they could work with new materials.

View Mykon’s listing on here or pop into Colab’s physical showroom to see our samples on display in person. In the meantime, if you are interested in our product range then please contact us for more information or to place an order.