30 years of innovation event

30 Years of Innovation - Encocam

On Friday 27th April 2018, we held an event with our parent company, Encocam Ltd, to celebrate 30 years of innovation and success. The special celebratory event took place in Cambridgeshire, UK where attendees were able to listen to talks from industry leaders focusing on innovation with global trade and operations.

Attendees had the opportunity to tour our manufacturing and engineering facilities to see how our decorative panels, which are based on the concept of light transforming space, start their life. They learnt we manufacture honeycomb core which is placed between skins to create products such as doors, flooring and bespoke furniture.

On the tour, attendees were also able to see how the aluminium honeycomb is used by other divisions of Encocam to create bespoke composite panels and our market-leading crash test barriers (and visit our crash test dummy lab), plus see demonstrations.

About Encocam

Encocam’s journey started 30 years ago with 3 employees, today the company’s workforce has grown to 200, with more expected to join as we continue to grow. Along the way, Encocam have had many challenges but also some exciting and enjoyable times.

The company started with the goal of manufacturing aluminium honeycomb, to be sold and used all over the world. Encocam were not afraid to take risks then, to achieve this goal, and continue to do so, actively looking for new challenges.

Encocam now have eight divisions working in seven main industries. As a group, we are always innovating, developing and looking for new opportunities. Encocam’s brands have developed as new products and opportunities have arisen and ideas progressed into product lines.

The industries Encocam is involved in range from energy absorbers and safety products for the automotive sector through to architectural panels, motorbikes and racing products. The variety, diversity and breadth of scope have been a real strength for the company over the years. The future holds many more exciting opportunities like this for Encocam.