honeycomb close up woman behind honeycomb panel flowers behind honeycomb

- creating space with light

Light is vital not only in its ability to transform space but also due to the different appearances and contrasts it can produce.

Mykon appreciate how valuable light is as a resource and using this philosophy now manufacture panels, sliding doors, internal hinged doors, flooring, ceiling tiles and bespoke furniture.

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Honeycomb Panel

Product: Iris

Iris uses ambient light to create its own lighting effects and can produce mirror-like ...

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Honeycomb Panel Application

Application: Furniture

Tired of traditional glass furniture? Why not design a piece of furniture incorporating ...

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Honeycomb Panel Case Study

Case Study: Squire & Partners

This project included two glass bridges made from B-Clear Glass panels to ensure the ...

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Mykon News

30 Years of Innovation Event

Mykon is holding an event with our parent company, Encocam Ltd, to celebrate 30 years of ......

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Mykon is a privately owned company located in the United Kingdom. Mykon was the brainchild of Dr Mike Ashmead, having originally used aluminium honeycomb as an energy absorber in crash test barriers, Dr Ashmead identified the potential for a range of striking architectural solutions using honeycomb technology. With its unique geometric design and exceptionally high strength to weight ratio, the benefits of using aluminium honeycomb in architectural products were immediately obvious. Believing light to be one of the most versatile resources available to architects and interior designers, encouraged Dr Ashmead to create products that whilst aesthetically pleasing didn't form a barrier to light (more ...).