Allerton Grange School

The Customer – Allerton Grange School & Watkins Grey International Architects

Watkins Grey International Architects were asked to design a new building for Allerton Grange School in Leeds. The building was required to modernise the school, utilise available space and to reflect its Specialist Arts School status.

The Challenge

Allerton Grange School required a floor that could take the weight of hundreds of school children as they walked to and from lessons. The panel would also serve as the ceiling for the rooms below and so would need to let light through whilst being translucent rather than transparent.

The architects specified a glass floor to cover a triangular area of approximately 22m2. It needed to accommodate a classroom loading of 3.5KNm2 distributed and 2.70KNm2 concentrated loadings.

Allerton Grange School - Mykon B-Clear panels
Allerton Grange School and Watkins Grey International Architects
Allerton Grange School - Mykon panels
Allerton Grange School Stairs

The Solution

Mykon recommended the B-Clear panel with toughened glass skins. With its ‘fish-eye’ effect and 78% light transmission rate, it would help the building to remain light and airy, even in the state-of-the-art technology centre situated underneath the panelling.

The Outcome

The floor was made up of 11 panels, each constructed to 70mm thickness. The acoustic, aesthetic and translucent qualities of Mykon B-Clear helped the contractors, Interserve Project Services Ltd, to achieve a modern school masterpiece. Although the noise is kept at bay, the panels help to keep light shining through.

“We looked at a few different products but this is the one we chose and we are very happy. The area would have been very dark without Mykon. It absolutely does the job.”- John McCall, Deputy Head, Allerton Grange School
Aluminium Composite Decorative Panels - Mykon B-Clear cells

Product Used:


  • Aluminium honeycomb core encased in glass or acrylic skins.
  •  Each individual cell allows light to pass through, but together the cells remain translucent to ensure privacy when it is required.
  • Lightweight but strong, B-Clear is ideal for incorporating into partitions, screens and floors.

More about Mykon’s B-Clear product here.